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Zhangzhou Hongyun Agricultural & By-products Co. , Ltd. ,which is located in the Nanjing County of Zhangzhou ,was established in January of 2008. Before that it was the Hushan fungus factory, which has been in business of edible fungus for over 10 years. Our company is specified in producing white-back fungus and the food we product are good quality and without pesticide residues. The whole company covers over 20 thousand square meters, including 3000 square meters of the producing room. The annual output value of our company is about 30 million RMB. We will provides convenience, quick and good service for both new and old customers . We are keen to establish coorperation relations with domestic and foreign customers.

So far we have 100 members and modern equipment. For example, we owns 2 edible fungus producting lines, 3 washing machines for the edible fungus, 5 cuting machines, a metal detector and a temperature controled room that is 4000 cubic meters. Meanwhile, we exactly set up the working Procedures and rules. The water we used to wash the fungus is get from the underground that is 90 meters deep. Our products are well sold not only in China, but also in Japan、Europe and The United States and so on.

Zhangzhou Hongyun Agricultural By-products Holdings Limited is authorized to export foods, and we have been given the right to examination certification.

Welcome to our company!

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